MyPromoSource Quoting



Designed for the promotional products industry, MyPromoSource™ makes quoting fast, easy and accessible. Instant Online Quotes for Clients + Sales Team, Online Supplier Catalogues inc Pricing + Images. MyPromoSouce™ is the fastest web based quoting solution on the market. Quote with ease and complete confidence from your desktop, laptop or mobile device.



  • Offering a quick, easy solution for both clients and your internal sales team, generate your Quote as a PDF document in a matter of seconds.
  • Fully functional administration interface that allows you to take control of your website content. Here you can view, edit, add suppliers, clients, decorations, products and content.
  • Add new clients manually using the administration interface or clients can register themselves quickly and easily. Receive alerts when a client generates a quote and assign customised discount grades to specific clients to ensure they quote the best price possible.
  • Use the simple WYSIWYG editor to create professional content pages.
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