Promo Office



Promo Office is a job management module to compliment MyPromoSource (MPS) quoting platform. Promo Office is an automated job management software solution that allows MPS quotes to be transformed into a job and managed through to purchase order and pending invoices. Create purchase orders without double handling, manage job deadlines with ease using ETA functionality.  Search functions include finding complete/current purchase orders, quotes and pending invoices.



  • Sales Menu extras include Invoice and Delivery Docket Management plus CRM.
  • Manage customer details and master customer information.
  • CRM feature to keep track and bolster sales.
  • Load quotes and manage sales orders.
  • Manage the sales order/job. Manage the artwork.
  • Job in Focus feature; status display for all jobs in progress
  • Integrates with Xero™ Accounts.
  • Manage products, purchase orders, decorations and suppliers database.
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